Consultation for MEN, WOMEN, STUDIOS

Need help, advice, or direction? Every situation is completely customized and designed. Sher is available for a confidential consultation in these areas:

  • Media Image
  • Professional Image
  • Personal Image
  • Studio Makeup-Room Design

Your makeup, hair, and wardrobe tell your story within a few seconds. What are you saying?

In front of the camera?

In front of the boardroom?

At the black-tie, head table?


You may be a Producer with a candidate who needs polish; seasoned – in the eye of the camera for years, or newly promoted. When it’s time to step-it-up, call on a Pro!

Learn how to cover imperfections and create a suitable style that others will admire.


Promote yourself by updating and upgrading your image. A polished look will communicate that you are ready for the next level, larger project, bigger budget or whatever you need to say.


Not in the corporate world or celebrity status? That’s okay, we all need to communicate the person within, speaking that message outwardly. Let the best “You”, shine!


Creating a room space is crucial to establishing your makeup application. Counter height, paint color, storage, and chairs are all important to your style of makeup room.

Essential to your space is the correct color of light, lighting design, and fixtures.

Sher has assisted in the buildout of makeup rooms which are permanent and used exclusively for makeup and wardrobe.

Need less than an entire room design? Sher has worked with cabinet builders to create a customized furniture piece, complete with lighting. A beautiful alternative.

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