Fix a Mascara OOPS!


Sher LaDieu - How to Fix a Mascara Oops!That moment when you have just one more stroke of mascara that will finally allow you to rush out the door…and OH! A big spot of mascara right on your eyeshadow or under your bottom lashes. Ugh! So then you rush to wipe it off and it just smears, delaying you so much that you have no time to get your coffee-to-go. Not the way to start your morning.

Sound familiar? I know it does, so here is some good news for you…a quick and easy fix is possible.

Let the offensive spot dry…yes, dry! Once the mascara spot is completely dried it should brush-off with a Q-Tip, and voila, you are out the door with coffee! Now, I must say, that some brands of mascara are little more sticky than others, but this is my tried-and-true fix. I am always aware of the time when I am on the set, so my quick fix allows me to get my talent on their mark, and an entire production get started.

So give it a try next time – get out your front door easier, and say “cheers” to your day with your coffee.

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