Men, Look Younger for the Interview


Sher LaDieu - Men Look Younger for the InterviewAre you over 50 and job hunting? I personally think that experience is the most important thing you can bring to a job, but in today’s market, older and wiser may not be enough.

We all know that you are competing with younger people, and since it is unlawful for a potential employer to ask you how old you are, my advice: keep ’em guessing!

Start with a fresh hair cut. Always have someone 10 years younger than you cut and style your hair; their perspective will keep you from frump and punk. Ask about new products and use them! Don’t be too stubborn to use hairspray.

If you only have a ring of hair left, or, are now forced into a comb-over, shave it off. Don’t worry about the shape of your head, trust me, you will look younger! Bald is warmly accepted and you will look more modern and even stronger.

Okay, the big question: to color? Probably only a good idea if you are committed to keeping it up every few weeks. But I never recommend using permanent color because it simply looks strange on most men. Here are some viable options on color: temporary color will wash out over several weeks, but you must not use too bold a shade, otherwise it will be noticeable. Grecian Formula as well as other comb-through color products can keep-the-gray-at-bay. It takes some skill to get it right, so if you are not well coordinated with applying, ask a friend to help you. During his campaign, Mitt Romney used color and left his side burns gray. Comb-through color gives you options.

Take the time to evaluate your hair style, and ask the opinions of people you trust. I know a guy who had a ring of hair and he put the question out on Facebook. Sure enough, he shaved his head and now he’s a real ‘head-turner’! It looks great!

Making changes takes some work, but it is worth it! Invest in yourself and others will too.

Look for more on this topic next week when I explore the face, and how a few minor changes can make a big difference.

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