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We Provide Image Excellence For...

  • Television

    You need an experienced and trusted Makeup Artist for your television show. Makeup for this industry dominates my calendar, especially live TV. Camera-ready and on-time!

  • Film

    Makeup for your film requires consistency. Putting in the homework, and working closely with the right departments, is what I do! Character, beauty, real men, period, minor SFX.

  • Digital

    Real images looking great…with a stroke from my makeup brush. Ad campaigns, magazine covers, corporate videos – I make your HD image look polished!

  • Live

    Any live presentation/recording requires on-trend application, accuracy and confidentially. You can trust Sher to deliver these qualities to your production. Live television is a constant booking on my calendar.


A Few of Our Clients

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Some Notible Faces We Make

George W. Bush
43rd President of the United States

Bon Jovi
Singer / Rock Star

Troy Aikman
Former Quarterback / Sportcaster

Angie Everhart
Actress / Model

Media Makeup Pros Tips

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How to Pose

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