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Men, Look Younger for the Interview


Are you over 50 and job hunting? I personally think that experience is the most important thing you can bring to a job, but in today’s market, older and wiser may not be enough. We all know that you are competing with younger people, and since it is unlawful for [...]

Fix a Mascara OOPS!


That moment when you have just one more stroke of mascara that will finally allow you to rush out the door…and OH! A big spot of mascara right on your eyeshadow or under your bottom lashes. Ugh! So then you rush to wipe it off and it just smears, delaying [...]

How to Pose


It seems everyone has a camera on their phone so you never know when you’ll be shot! Have you ever wanted to put your hand in front of your face as if your friend was a Paparazzi? Have you ever thought that YOU were not photogenic? In a flash you [...]

Oscar Chemistry


Seven, 7, seven – Oscars for makeup artist, Rick Baker. This one for The Wolfman. I took Special Effects Makeup (SFX) training and have done a few FX. But, SFX is a lot like cooking, neither of which I enjoy. Each requires – just the right ingredients, at just the [...]

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